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A Guide To Our Payment Options

We feel strongly that you should be able to change careers at any time in your life. No matter what your current financial circumstances might be, we want you to feel confident enrolling in a life-changing education without going into debt.

So we’ve created a variety of payment options to meet the different needs of our students. Here’s an introduction to our payment plans so you can choose the one that works best for you.

Pay Upfront

If you’re able, you have the option to pay for any program through an upfront lump sum. This is the most cost-effective payment option.

Month to Month

Split your tuition into set monthly payments. For month-to-month payments, it’s important to pay on time so you don’t lose your place in the program.  

Student Financing

If you need a more flexible payment option, we offer a student financing plan. With this plan, you can take out a loan to cover your tuition costs, and then pay it back over a 24-month period. Our goal is to make your education as affordable as possible, so we’ve partnered with trusted financial institutions to provide you with competitive interest rates and manageable monthly payments. This option allows you to focus on your studies without the immediate financial burden, and invest in your future career.

What Next?

Our Admissions Representatives are ready to help you with any questions you may have. If you haven’t already scheduled a call, let’s find some time to talk about your career goals.