Hire Our Grads

Are you a company looking to bring in motivated software development talent? Hire an intern from our intensive 24-week coding bootcamp and get access to developers skilled in in-demand technologies like React, Node.js, and more. 

Hire Skilled Coding Interns Trained in React and Node.js

Our student interns complete hundreds of hours of hands-on training and project work before becoming available for internships. We equip them with skills that enable them to hit the ground running at your company. 

Benefits for Your Company:

  • Little to No Cost: Pay our interns only what you feel is fair, or opt to bring them on for free to assess fit
  • Project-Ready Skills: Interns complete real-world apps in React, Node.js, databases and more before starting
  • Motivated to Learn: Our grads are passionate about development and ready to soak up knowledge from your team
  • Flexible Hours: Scale intern hours based on your needs – part-time or full-time

We handle the intensive training so that you get engineers ready to build features that matter from day one. Invest in your tech team’s future with motivated coders from our bootcamp. 

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