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Are you feeling like you’re stuck in a career path that you can’t stand and have no passion for?

Or perhaps you’ve completed a degree but can’t seem to land that crucial work experience?

We totally get you.

It’s a tough world out there, especially in this shambles of an economy.

This is where Melsoft Academy steps in.

We’re here to help you transition from feeling stuck to soaring high in your dream career as a highly-paid software developer.

How, you ask?

By providing you with top-tier, internationally accredited education in Software Engineering, followed by guaranteed job placements in the tech industry! 

Feeling Stuck In Your Career? We Get You.

Are you trapped on a Career Path You Hate?

We totally understand.

Many of us have been there, feeling like there’s no way out of a career that feels more like a chore than a passion.

It’s a frustrating situation to be in, especially when you have a keen interest in all things tech and you know how cool it is!

Have a Degree but Can’t Get Work Experience?

Or maybe you’re a student currently pursuing a degree but struggling to find relevant work experience?

It’s a common issue.

Most employers nowadays require some sort of work experience before even considering you for a position.

Can’t Access Quality Education?

Quality education in software development can be hard to come by.

Many institutions and websites offer free and paid courses, but the question is, are they up-to-date?

Are they internationally accredited?

Do they provide practical experience or just a bunch of videos?

Do you actually get a job after completing them?

Melsoft Academy

Is Starting a New Career in Tech Looking Impossible?

Feeling Isolated in Your Learning Journey?

Battling the coding journey alone can lead to immense frustration, demotivation, and isolation.

It’s incredibly challenging to conquer complex concepts without guidance, or to debug your code without help, often leading to a sense of defeat or feeling like you’ll never be good enough.

You know how to code, but you can’t land a job?

Landing that first tech job post-study can feel like a Herculean task – the job market is intimidating and the competition, fierce.

Without access to the right networks and guidance on crafting standout applications, nailing interviews, and securing internships, you can feel lost in the sea of job-seekers.

Is going to university too expensive and time-consuming?

Education, while invaluable, can be a heavy financial burden, with tuition fees often serving as a significant obstacle in pursuing your dreams.

Navigating through these expenses without flexible payment options can leave you feeling stressed and overwhelmed.

Welcome to Melsoft Academy: The Solution to All Your Career Headaches

Melsoft Academy is your one-stop solution to a rewarding career in tech.

With our comprehensive, internationally accredited coding bootcamps, you learn the most in-demand skills while gaining valuable hands-on experience to make your CV stand out.

Our exclusive community of learners, mentors, and potential employers supports your learning journey, eliminating the feeling of isolation common in the coding world.

Beyond just education, Melsoft is your career partner.

We offer 100% guaranteed internships upon graduation and extensive job placement support thereafter, including interview preparation, CV redesign, portfolio building and LinkedIn profile revamps.

Our job guarantee is our commitment to helping you step into a new career, and not just have you complete another online course.

Our flexible payment plans and financing options ease financial stress and burdens that stop many from pursuing their dream careers.

At Melsoft Academy, we’re not just teaching you to code; we’re partnering with you to launch your dream career in tech. 

Check out the video below to catch some glimpses of how our events help create a community of people just like you.

Discover the Secrets of the Tech World from Industry Leaders at Melsoft Academy

At Melsoft Academy, our tutors are not just educators, but also experienced software engineers from Melsoft, a multi-award-winning software engineering company.

With us, you gain industry-relevant knowledge and skills from professionals who know the market and have a track record of building successful products. 

Our Valued Partners include:

Partners of the best IT course academy in South Africa
Partners of the best IT course academy in South Africa
Partners of the best IT course academy in South Africa
Partners of the best IT course academy in South Africa

Fast-Track Your Career to Success

Accelerate your transition into the tech industry without the time and financial commitment of a traditional degree program.

Our six-month intensive bootcamp is designed to get you job-ready in record time, saving you precious resources.

Earn Global Accreditation

Graduate with three globally recognized certifications from the International JavaScript Institute, giving you an extra edge when applying for international remote software engineering jobs.

Join A Community of Learners

Through our private social network, exclusive networking events and online webinars, you’ll engage with industry experts, make new life-long friends, and open countless doors to exciting opportunities.  

Make Money While You Learn

With Melsoft, financial constraints won’t impede your progress. Our exclusive freelancing opportunities allow you to apply your new skills, gain practical experience, and earn an income as you learn. 

Learn From Seasoned Pro's

Benefit from the wisdom and experience of our instructors – industry professionals who have navigated the tech landscape and emerged victorious. Only learn relevant and practical material – no fluff, no irrelevant theory, and no BS.

Study From Anywhere on Earth

Embrace the flexibility of learning from anywhere in the world. All you need is a stable internet connection and an eagerness to learn. We’ve worked around load-shedding by learning at flexible hours and at your own convenience. 

Personalized 1-on-1 Mentorship

Say goodbye to frustration and hello to fast-tracked progress. Our one-on-one mentorships connect you directly with industry professionals who provide personalized guidance, assistance, & code reviews whenever you’re stuck. 

Learn at your own pace

We understand that everyone has different learning speeds. With our self-paced learning model, you can learn at your own pace while balancing other commitments such as university, a full-time job or your precious family commitments. 

Career Support Services

Our commitment to you doesn’t end when you graduate. We provide ongoing career support, including job placement assistance, interview preparation, and access to our extensive network of industry partners. 

Master AI Prompt Engineering

Stand out from 99% of the job market with our exclusive ChatGPT AI Prompt Engineering Course, created by Melsoft 2023. This unique course offering sets you apart in the job market, making you an attractive prospect for potential employers.

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Secure Your Future Today with Melsoft Academy's Unbeatable Job Guarantee

At Melsoft Academy, we don’t just teach you – we take you to your dream job.

Our commitment to your success goes beyond providing top-notch education; we assure you of a job or internship placement within 3 months of graduation.

That’s not a wish or a hope – it’s a 100% guarantee.

And if we fail to meet our guarantee, we pay you R50,000 in cash back directly to your account. No questions asked.

In an uncertain world, we offer certainty. The moment you join Melsoft Academy, you’re not just a student – you’re a future tech professional.

Our network of industry partners, combined with our dedicated career support, ensures that we have the resources to deliver on our promise.

Your job-ready future starts here.

Don’t delay your success.

Apply to Melsoft Academy today and secure your guaranteed path to a thriving tech career. Your future in tech is just one decision away.

Invest in Your Future with Melsoft Academy

We maintain complete transparency about our fees, providing adaptable payment options that align with your financial situation.


Study at your own pace
R 29,999 once-off
  • or R5,999 per month x6
  • 6 - 12 months
  • 10 - 20 hours a week
  • Start Anytime
  • Individual projects only
  • Weekly campus visits
  • Pre-recorded lectures
  • Dedicated learning assistants
  • Study Finance Available
  • Guaranteed internship


Study with a cohort, at an accelerated pace.
R 39,999 once-off
  • or R7,999 per month x6
  • 6 months intensive
  • 40 - 60 hours a week
  • Cohort-based learning
  • Individual & group projects
  • Weekly campus visits
  • Live & pre-recorded lectures
  • Dedicated learning assistants
  • Study Finance Available
  • Guaranteed internship

Exclusive Opportunity

Seats are Limited for Personalized Learning

We value quality over quantity.

As such, we maintain an intimate learning environment by accepting only 20 students in each cohort, despite receiving thousands of applications.

This allows us to ensure personalized attention and optimal learning outcomes for each student.

Act fast and secure your place in our next cohort, and start your journey towards a lucrative tech career.

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